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Telemedicine appointments will be available beginning on 3/16/20 for patients with specific health care issues.  For the majority of patients, they will continue to receive healthcare in the office during normal business hours.


 In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Spokane Pediatrics providers will be offering telemedicine appointments.  You will need to download the telemedicine consent form (link to consent form below), sign and post a picture of it to your child's patient portal.  If you do not have a patient portal, please call our office to enroll in the portal (if you have let your password link expire we can help with that too!).  If your child is 13 years or older or you would prefer to not use the patient portal, and would like to sign up for telemedicine, please download a consent form and email (info@spokane-pediatrics.com), mail, or fax it to our office.  Please confirm with your insurance provider that telemedicine visits are covered under your policy.

Please note that Telemedicine appointments will be scheduled during certain times of the day, so please call our office to schedule an appointment first.  Below the telemedicine consent form link you will find 3 other links that will take you directly to your providers virtual 'waiting room'.

Telemedicine consent form

Telemedicine Links (per provider)