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About Us


About Spokane Pediatrics

Spokane Pediatrics opened its doors in 2018 to serve Spokane families seeking a more personal approach to their children’s health and well-being. At a time when pediatrician offices are rapidly being absorbed by large healthcare systems, Spokane Pediatrics offers family-centered care in an intimate, small office setting. As a small practice, Dr. Kimberly Grandinetti, Dr. Timothy Crum and Dr. Kristin Edgehouse can offer personalized care, and practice as they believe medicine should be, without the influence or restrictions of a large, healthcare system.


“Your pediatrician should feel like part of your family,” explains Dr. Grandinetti. “They should have a personal relationship with each patient.” 


As an intentionally small practice, Spokane Pediatrics will build relationships with a small staff dedicated to their patients' health. Other benefits of a small office setting include:


  • Specialist referrals not influenced by specific referral networks

  • Same day appointments 

  • A friendly, welcoming office environment with easy parking

  • Care that extends through college (up to age 21)


Spokane Pediatrics is scheduling appointments now and seeing patients at its South Hill office near Sacred Heart Hospital at 315 W. Ninth Avenue, Suite 200.

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